GREEN • Objectives

Green the Greener European VET Network


• Identify, develop, test and assess innovative policy approaches for a “Greener” education that have the potential to become mainstreamed across systems (VET and HE), countries and contexts.

• Improve education and training systems.

• Improve effectiveness of policies and practices in the field of education and training within 6 industrial sectors.

Award a "green" label/certification to 15 national training organizations, recognizing their commitment to sustainability criteria, and welcoming them as valued members of the GREEN European Network.

Green | Project Partners

The project consortium is composed of 9 partners from 5 different countries around the world: Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark and Cyprus.
EWF is coordinating the project. The partnership is composed by education (CETMAR, VSB -TU, Mercantec, UCY, EWF) organisations and industrial (CTI, OLIFE, SWANTEC, CECIMO) organisations.