GREEN • Associated Partners

Green the Greener European VET Network


Establishes an integrated and multidisciplinary cooperation strategy at European level with large representativeness from Education and Industry able to mainstream the promotion of Green Skills with a systematic approach.

Associated partners contribution in GREEN is to:
• Support the identification of innovative green approaches, methods and practices.
• Participate in focus groups and mainstream activities.
• Validation of the Green curriculum and skills for selected occupations.
• Support the transfer of GREEN methodologies and recommendations within HE systems, RTOs and companies.
• Validation of recommendations and methodologies developed during the project.
• Participation in the Open Call for the Green Network.
• Support de dissemination and exploitation activities.
• Support the sustainability of the project.

Green | Project Partners

The project consortium is composed of 9 partners from 5 different countries around the world: Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark and Cyprus.
EWF is coordinating the project. The partnership is composed by education (CETMAR, VSB -TU, Mercantec, UCY, EWF) organisations and industrial (CTI, OLIFE, SWANTEC, CECIMO) organisations.