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Green the Greener European VET Network


GREEN is a two years forward looking project fostering Green skills in the VET sector.

GREEN will contribute to foster Green skills in the Vocational Education and Training scope., by setting core green skills for the labour market and support the green transition across different economic sectors, by integrating this set into VET curricula as well as into training of teachers and trainers and professional development. Through the twinning of entities working on education, training, research, policy making and industry.

Green the Greener European
VET Network.

GREEN will be capable of gathering the needs and best practices from different perspectives to enable the recovery and just transitions to digital and green economies, thus promoting innovation, creativity and participation, as well as social entrepreneurship in different fields of education and training and across industrial sectors towards the Green Transition.

Transnational cooperation and mutual learning on forward-looking issues will be established amongst key stakeholders, empowering them to develop innovative solutions and promote the transfer of those solutions in new settings.

Other specific aims of GREEN - "Green the Greener European VET Network" are:

  • To change mind-sets and prepare the workforce from different sectors within a multidisciplinary green and digital scope;
  • To develop a cutting-edge Green curriculum, with teaching and learning methodologies that meet the industry needs;
  • To develop student-centred approaches and educational pathways;
  • To boost a cross-fertilization of knowledge among universities, VETs and enterprises;
  • To boost innovation in manufacturing, especially related with Circular Economy and Sustainability.

GREEN is setting a “Green Label” for Education organisations, based on tested quality system and criteria for the creation of a network of “Green Education Providers”, aligned with training quality management instruments.

GREEN addressess its goals to six industrial sectors:

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